【士盟開發】Plug-in Modules & Tools (Abaqus 6.14以後才能使用)
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ConnectorWizzard v2.0 彈片下壓模組,匯入幾何後可自動化網格、建模,並產生報告。

Electrical connector press-down analysis. This plug-in can be used to set up the analysis for the press-down assessment of an electrical connector. The tool automatically specifies the mesh and boundary conditions to existing model geometry, submits the job for analysis and generates a report.

免費下載 2015/07/17
O-ring Analysis v1.0 O-ring橡膠設計實驗模組(內含一橡膠材料模型),可自動化建立幾何、網格、分析條件,並產生報告。

O-ring design experiment analysis. This plug-in can be used to set up the analysis for the simulation of a rubber O-ring. The tool creates a complete model, including geometry, mesh, boundary conditions and rubber material model, submits the job for analysis and generates a report.

免費下載 2015/07/17
DropTest v1.3 落摔模組,快速設定六個面的落摔(Face Drop),或是自訂義設定邊落摔的各個方向(Edge Drop)。

This plug-in helps the user to rapidly set up a drop test simulation, and allows either the selection of one of 6 faces or a user-specified edge, along with the direction of drop.

免費下載 2016/05/13
GolfImpactAnalysis v2.0 快速建出高爾夫球模型及材指定,並進行球與球桿的衝擊試驗模擬,計算COR及輸出球的變形圖,最後產生報告。

This plug-in aids the rapid creation of a golf ball model, assigns the material properties, and performs the impact simulation between golf ball and club. After the analysis, the plug-in evaluates the Coefficient of Restitution (COR), creates a number of images showing the deformation of the golf ball, and generates a report.

免費下載 2015/07/17
GolfTrajectoryAnalysis v1.0 根據揮擊參數設定(仰角、風速、打擊面等等),自動計算出高爾夫球的飛行軌跡路線,並比較不同參數結果。

Golf ball trajectory analysis. According to the swing parameter settings given by the user (elevation, wind velocity, impact face, etc.), this plug-in will automatically evaluate the golf ball trajectory and compare the results for different parameters.

免費下載 2015/07/17
CouplingTool v1.1 自動Coupling產生工具,根據一組選取樣本,自動搜尋所有需要完成Coupling的束制條件,並自動產生參考點。

This plug-in allows the user to automatically generate coupling at multiple locations in a model, based on a selected sample definition. The tool searches the model for all similar pairs that match the coupling constraint condition, and automatically creates the appropriate reference points.

免費下載 2015/08/31
VerifyC3D10MMesh v1.2 Abaqus 6.14版以後對於元素C3D10M作Verify Mesh的功能有所變更,導致元素Warning在5%以下很難實現,因此撰寫此程式用來修正C3D10M Verify mesh 功能,以保持與前版本一致。

Abaqus version 6.14 introduced a different method for verifying a mesh that uses C3D10M elements. It was found that it can be difficult to achieve an element warning percentage less than 5%, using the new method. This plug-in implements the previous methodology to very a mesh that uses C3D10M elements.

免費下載 2016/03/02
AutoAssignMaterial v1.0 自動指定材料工具,省下切換至每個Part指定材料的動作。支援2D、3D的solid跟shell以及orphan mesh。

With this tool, the user can assign material properties to each part in a model, without needing to switch between individual parts. Supports 2D and 3D solid and shell sections as well as orphan mesh.

免費下載 2015/07/17
DefineCohesiveBehavior v1.0 快速指定膠合材料性質工具,節省設定時間。

This tool can help the user to rapidly define the cohesive behavior definition based on experimental data, and assign the properties to a material or cohesive contact definition.

免費下載 2015/07/17
JobScheduling v1.0 工作排程工具,將Abaqus的job自動依序提交執行分析。

This Abaqus job scheduling tool can be used in Abaqus/CAE to specify the order in which jobs are submitted for analysis.

免費下載 2015/07/17
EffectiveCTEConversion 切線熱膨脹係數轉換成割線熱膨脹係數工具。

A tool to convert a given tangent coefficient of thermal expansion into the secant coefficient of thermal expansion.

免費下載 2015/07/27
EZFAT v2.0.1 士盟瑞其團隊所開發的疲勞分析軟體,提供完整材料參數庫,廣泛適用於S-N法(應力疲勞)、E-N法(應變疲勞)以及焊接疲勞。

EZFAT is a fatigue analysis software developed by Simutech&Richin team, providing a complete materials library that can be applied to the S-N method (stress-based fatigue), E-N method (strain-based fatigue), and welding fatigue.

付費下載 2015/07/17
AutoTieGenerator v1.0 士盟開發自動完成Tie Constraints搜尋的工具,自動移除有ErrNodeOverconTieSlave的裝況。(不會因Over Constraints造成分析中斷)

This tool provides an automatic way to search possible surface pairs to find tie constraints, and remove the pairs resulting in ErrNodeOverconTieSlave.

付費下載 2015/07/17
AbaqusFormatReport v2.0 士盟開發的視角格式化工具。可在後處理介面儲存預想產生報告的視角,每次後處理即可使用相同視角去比對,並含有自動報告產生器

This tool provides a way to save the pre-defined views in the Visualization module for generating a report. By setting the same views used for all post-process operations, users can easily compare results. This tool also includes an auto report generator.

付費下載 2017/04/12
PcbModelingTool v1.01 士盟開發自動完成Pcb全域建模工具。可匯入.gds檔圖層,設定材料、指定mesh數量並自動轉換成abaqus模型

A plug-in for importing from gds file and creating parts,materials,assembly,and mesh information.

ModelChangeTool v1.1 士盟開發的Model Change工具。可批次改變材料性質,設定model change功能等等。修正使用Model change時,deactive元素因大變形所造成的distortion狀況。

A plug-in for adding the field keyword and setting the properties of model change.This plug-in overcomes the problem that elements deactivated using Model Change would become distorted when reactivated after large displacement.

免費下載 2018/11/09

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OpenCorrectABQVersion_v1.1 在電腦有安裝不同版本Abaqus的情況下,該程式可以協助使用者在windows檔案總關中直接雙擊開啟cae檔案時用相對應的Abaqus版本開啟,若未安裝相對應版本,會使用最新版本開啟。

This applet assists the user to open the .cae file using the correct Abaqus version on a computer installed with various versions. If there is no corresponding version to the opened file, then this applet would use the newest version instead.

免費下載 2017/07/20

【士盟開發】User Subroutines (Abaqus 6.14以後才能使用)
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(using (V)USDFLD)

This subroutine provides a way for users to assign different material properties for compression and tension, tightening the gap between the simulation analysis and real world experiment. This subroutine includes isotropic and anisotropic modules.

免費下載 2015/07/17
(using URDFIL)

This subroutine provides a way to terminate an Abaqus/Standard analysis when it reaches a pre-defined force or displacement.

WearAnalysis v1.0 磨耗分析設定工具,快速建立模型中關於磨損分析之相關設定,配合用戶子程序進行磨耗分析,並對分析結果進行後處理。

The wear analysis subroutine has implemented the Archard equation to calculate wear. The wear analysis plug-in is available to help the user to set up a model for wear analysis. The analysis can generate field output in a new odb, which contains details about the wear applied to each node in the wear surface.


【士盟開發】維護期內客戶可免費下載Plug-in (License申請請洽詢士盟科技業務)
*Plug-in安裝方式可參考 此文件
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AutoAssignMaterial v2.21 a. 自動讀取模型中已設定好材料性質的零件。
b. 可以多重選擇不同零件並做快速批次修改。
c. 可以在Assembly模組下Highlight所點選的部件。
d. 支援抽中面的幾何。
e. 支援連體薄殼

a. Automatically loads material and section settings from existing parts.
b. Supports multiple parts with batch mode.
c. Selected instances will highlight in Assembly module.
d. Supports shell section associated with reference geometry.
e. Supports continuum shell.

付費下載 2017/07/24
CouplingTool v2.2.0 a. 加速計算Coupling的結果。
b. 提供移除此plug-in所產生 Coupling 結果之功能。
c. 新增開啟 Constraint Manager之按鈕。
d. 新增搜尋條件的 Tolerance 包含Size、Radius、Theta、Curvature。
e. 新增 Coupling 橢圓的功能。
f. 細小錯誤修正

a. Enhanced performance from previous version.
b. Additional functionality for removing coupling definitions.
c. Constraint Manager can be accessed directly from the GUI.
d. Additional tolerance controls for selection based on size, radius, theta, curvature.
e. Additional support for coupling to elliptical geometry.
f. Minor bugs fixed.

付費下載 2017/07/20
DropTest v2.0 a. 提供管理介面新增、移除或修改要落摔的case。並可以建立於同一個模型,不須產生多個模型或檔案。
b. 可產生inp檔並協助自動排程多個job分析。
c. 針對不同case,落摔地面提供Deformable/Rigid Body Constraint可供選擇,並可以自行設定其材料與厚度,在一個檔案中可一次處理不同條件的地面。
d. 可於cae檔案中儲存所設定的落摔條件與已建立的case。

a. A new manager for creating, modifying and deleting multiple drop test load cases within one cae model.
b. Inp files can be created directly from the manager and optionally submitted for analysis in sequence.
c. The drop test ground part can be deformable or rigid body and the user can switch between different ground definitions in different load cases.
d. All data entered into the manager will be saved in the cae file for future access.

付費下載 2017/05/18
DisplayAdvTreeTool v1.0 a. 保留由CreoAi(*.eaf)或Step(*.stp)匯進來的檔案中所有的部件組裝資訊。
b. 可對部件組裝資訊進行編輯。
c. 可以快速切換部件顯示顏色。
d. 可以儲存上次設定結果。

a. Import Geometry from CreoAi(*.eaf) or Step file(*.stp) and retaining all the assembly information.
b. Provides an enhanced model tree for displaying, modifying, highlighting instances.
c. Rapidly change the color of the instances.
d. All settings can be saved to the cae file.

付費下載 2017/08/10
MaskAdvTreeTool v1.1 a. 可快速的對幾何或網格作顯示切換操作。
b. 可編輯預設所需顯示的網格清單。 c. 支援Orphan mesh 顯示

a. Enhanced display group tree for geometry and mesh.
b. Specify Preferences for types of element to display.
c. Orphan mesh type is supported.

付費下載 2017/08/17
ShortEdgesRepair v1.0 a. 找出某個長度的下的幾何小邊並存成set。
b. 列出小邊的列表決並點選修復。
c. 小邊的列表有highlight功能。

a. Find short edges and store into a set.
b. Provides repair function by clicking the short edge list.
c. Support highlight function.

付費下載 2017/09/18

【黃富國開發】電子產業工具包v2.0 (Abaqus 6.14以後才能使用)
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1. AutoAssignMaterial 利用表單自動賦予/清除/檢查材料屬性,同時具備提取材料參數的功能,支援實體/殼/連續殼/膠合元素。 付費下載 2015/07/17
2. AutoImportOrphanMesh 自動將HyperMesh的網格模型匯入,並且自動根據component名稱建立對應的Part,同時支援Coupling設定和材料設定的匯入。
3. QuickCoupling 快速建立Coupling拘束,於選取區域自動建立對應的參考點,省去重複翻動選單的問題。
4. RepairSmallFace 修正6.12版以後某些小面無法以Repair small face簡化的問題。
5. ExplicitOptions 自動增加Explicit求解器中所需要的關鍵字,同時自動排除殼網格的預設接觸厚度縮減。
6. QuickWasher 快速建立孔洞處的Washer區域。
7. AutoMirrorModel 針對Orphan Mesh的模型進行鏡射操作,可以做到生成鏡射模型同時也能保留原本已經設定完成的Coupling拘束。
8. AutoCreateDisplayBody 針對選取的組件,可以自動建立Display Body,節省分析設定的時間。
9. AutoCopyConstraints 複製模型中的Coupling和Tie拘束到其他模型中,可用其整合不同的模型。

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